Stemcell Safarivet

How Stem Cell Therapy works in pet


Adult Stem Cells are present in every tissue of the body. These types of stem cells function to aid in the repair of damaged tissues. Therefore our stem cells definition is: adult pluripotent (muti-functional) repair cells from your pet that are activated outside your pet then reintroduced so that they can aid in the regeneration of damaged tissues. Stem Cells are polymorphic (having many shapes) as the image above shows as they are also poly-functional having many possible functions. These functions vary based on what the tissue needs, therefore, stem cells can be directed to repair cartilage, bone, muscle, retina, tear glands, kidney tissue, pancreas, heart and many others if placed into damaged areas of these tissues. These cells act like the master carpenter taking direction from the damaged tissues and directing their own actions as well as the actions of other cells to support regrowth and repair.

We harvest stem cells from your pet’s fat stores. We then separate the stem cells from the fat and concentrate the cells for injection. Once separated the cells are stimulated back into activity by adding platelet rich plasma and in some cases using laser to further enhance their activity. The stem cells are injected into the area of concern and immediately start to reduce inflammation and start the process of healing and regrowing tissue.

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