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PetStem Cell Therapy Cost Breakdown

Each case is evaluated to determine if Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy is appropriate for your pet. Each case is uniquely tailored to the specific needs of the pet, from the necessary diagnostic testing and treatment options, to the possibility of therapeutic rehabilitation. A prognosis for therapy will be thoroughly discussed, as well as the likelihood for additional treatment, if needed. Stem cell therapy can repair damaged tissues, but it may not change the conditions that caused the damage in the first place, therefore, repeat therapy may be necessary. This repeat therapy will require additional stem cells from stored cells or from additional surgical collection procedures.

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Insurance may provide some financial relief if your pet is covered by Pets Best Insurance for Dogs and Cats

Exam and Diagnostics for Stem Cell Therapy

Service Description Cost
Examination Physical Examination & Consultation for appropriateness of stem cell therapy $80
Radiographs 2 views. To determine if there is any evidence of cancer; as this is a contraindication for stem cell therapy $185
Ultrasound 1 procedure. Abdominal or Cardiac $250
Ultrasound 2 procedures. Abdominal and Cardiac $350
MRI Pets that have spinal or neurological disease (that stem cell therapy is being considered), require this imaging to determine the location of the lesion. $1500
EKG An EKG is used to detect and diagnose several types of heart disease. $45
Blood Screen Blood tests are necessary to determine internal organ function & tolerance of anesthesia. Also, pets that have infections are not candidates for stem cell therapy. $95 – $230
Sedation Diagnostic procedures (MRI, Ultrasound, Radiographs) require sedation $110

Stem Cell Harvest & Preparation

Service Description Cost
Surgical Fat Harvest General anesthesia & a small incision over the upper abdomen to remove a golf ball size amount of abdominal fat. $300
Stem Cell Preparation Processed Stromal Vascular Fraction – (Autologous Stem Cells): Enzymatic Separation of Stem Cells from the fat. Concentration of the stem cells for injection. $1500
Cultured Stem Cells Culture of Autologous Stem Cells: The cultured procedure grows stem cells to substantial larger numbers than what was harvested and these additional cells can be cryopreserved for future treatments. $1000
Platelet Rich Plasma Blood is collected from your pet & used to concentrate the blood platelets. This “Platelet Rich Plasma” (PRP) is sometimes used alone to stimulate regeneration. PRP may also be used with stem cells to activate & support stem cell function in certain conditions. PRP is used in most cases of regenerative therapy. $250
Conditioned Media $45

Stem Cell Treatments (Administration)

Service Description Cost
C-arm Guidance The C-Arm is a movable device that projects video radiographs in real time, allowing for precise, accurate placement of stem cell injections in the spinal cord or joints. $500
Ultrasound Guidance Some injections require ultrasound to guide the needle into the appropriate tissue. $250
I.V. Administration Infusion of a preparation of stem cells into your pets blood stream. $350
Intra-articular (Joint) Price is per joint. Intra-articular injection of cells into the joint space. Price does not include cost of cells & sedation. $150
Intrathecal (Spinal Canal) Price does include cost of cells, anesthesia & C-arm $1500
Intraspinal Cord Price does include cost of cells, anesthesia & C-arm $1500
Intravertebral Disc Price does include cost of cells, anesthesia & C-arm $1500
Anesthesia Some procedures, such as intra-articular (joint) injection, may require sedation. $350 – $500
Hospitalization Per day $75