Stemcell Safarivet

Dr Garner and Stem Cell Safari their agents, employees and representatives do not market, produce or provide stem cell therapy or stem cell related products. Information provided is for clinical interest for veterinarians only.

Pet Rehabilitation Cost Breakdown

Safari accepts the following payment options:

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Insurance may provide some financial relief if your pet is covered by Pets Best Insurance for Dogs and Cats

Pet Therapeutic Rehabilitation
Underwater TreadmillPrice is per session. Actual time, distance and speed varies and is customized based on your pet’s injury and recovery needs.$55
Cold LaserPrice is per session. Length of time and protocol varies based on your pet’s needs.$38 – $72
3-4 Week Bundle3 treatment modalities. Treatment plans tailored to the needs of your pet and can include any of the 3 following: land/water treadmill, therapeutic ultrasound, electrostimulation stimulation, TENS, cold laser therapy, pilates and obstacle courses.$1100 – $2200
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