Stemcell Safarivet

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Stem Cell Success at Safari

Safari uses stem cell therapy for pets. This is different from other veterinary hospitals in that Safari has a fully equipped and manned stem cell laboratory that defines the success that Safari experiences with their therapy.

The key elements are (1) Giving the correct stem cells (yes there are many) (2) Giving them in the correct numbers - that is the correct numbers of live cells delivered so they will stay alive and function properly. (3) Giving them directly into the correct location.

This means using advanced imagining (C- Arm fluoroscopes or ultrasound or MRI) to deliver the cells.

Stem Cells for Disc Disease

Traditional medicine recommends either surgery or crate rest for the treatment of this disease. Surgery is expensive and must be done at a referral hospital within hours of the event.

Crate rest is fraught with the anxiety of not knowing if the pet will respond. This option causes muscle atrophy and even if the pet respond over 50% relapse. Stem cell therapy can be done by injection alone with the goal of rescuing neurons that would have died.

Allowing these nerves that survive to take over the function of the nerves that do not survive.

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