Stemcell Safarivet

Dr Garner and Stem Cell Safari their agents, employees and representatives do not market, produce or provide stem cell therapy or stem cell related products. Information provided is for clinical interest for veterinarians only.

Conditions that Benefit from Stem Cell Safari

Inflammatory Disorders In Pets

Inflammation plays an essential role in the body’s immune response and is the body’s natural attempt to heal itself after an injury. Chemicals are released into the blood or affected … Continue reading Inflammatory Disorders In Pets

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Immunological Disorders In Pets

Immunological diseases in pets are a dysfunction of the immune system, resulting in the inability to effectively fight off virus, bacteria, fungi and general infections. For unknown reasons, the pet’s … Continue reading Immunological Disorders In Pets

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Degenerative Diseases In Pets

Degenerative diseases are common in pets. These diseases occur when the tissue function declines, resulting in gradual failure of the organ. Degeneration can occur in any tissue. Skin degeneration is … Continue reading Degenerative Diseases In Pets

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