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Stem Cell Therapy for Immune Mediated Disease Made Easy

*While this paper is geared toward veterinarians, it also contains simpler analogies to help staff and clients learn about the newest concepts of immunology.


Our immune system protects us from infection and disease in the same way that the armed forces and police protect the country from foreign invasion and terrorists. Our immune system evolved over millions of years to prevent the number one cause of death – acute infection from trauma. However, in our modern world infection as a cause of death is no longer common. Death is more likely to be the result of chronic diseases such as heart disease, COPD, stroke, cancer and diabetes. Where does this leave the immune system? Is the reason immune mediated diseases are frequent as simple as our large military force (our immune system) over-reacting? And how does stem cell therapy fit into this picture? To answer this, we must understand some of the details of how the immune system works.

Paper is here:


Stem Cell Therapy for Immune Mediated Disease Made Easy Foreword Stem cell therapy is new and challenging as are the…

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