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Top 15 Pet-positive New Year’s Resolutions In Houston, TX

Top 15 Pet-positive New Year’s Resolutions In Houston, TX

Whenever we draw the curtains on another 365 days or 366 days, we set goals and resolutions for the new year to make us better. This is usually our topmost priority; however, our pets are sometimes left out of these resolutions. Our new year resolutions should always incorporate our furry friends, considering the joy and happiness they bring us.

Here are some resolutions that can help improve the well-being of your pets:

  1. Always measure your Pet’s food: It is pretty easy for your pet’s weight to creep up. Pet obesity in dogs is estimated at 55.8% and 59.5% in cats in the US. Obesity in pets can be managed and prevented if you measure your pet’s food and follow the instructions on your pet’s food.

    Measuring your pet’s food has several benefits: it enables you to quantify how much your pet eats and ascertain that your pet is not taking in more calories than necessary.

  2. Improve your knowledge of Pet First aid: When it comes to treating pets, veterinarians are the experts. However, when your dog or cat cuts its paw, and the incident happens after veterinary hours, it will be up to you to help your furry friend before professional help is available.

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  3. Do more exercises: Exercise is critical and necessary to help maintain your pet’s weight and keep fit. You can try activities like walking, running, and hiking with your pet.

  4. Ensure you train your dog: Training your pet properly enables your pet’s responsiveness and a better relationship with your pet. This prevents issues with managing your pet subsequently.

  5. Try a new activity: Trying a new activity with your pet is a great way to bond and achieve new goals. Your pet may be bored with the activities and routines of the past year, why not try a new activity this year that you and your pet can both enjoy, like hiking or swimming.

  6. Incorporate more playtime: While exercising or trying a new activity may be easier with dogs, it is not easy to do with cats. One way to help your cat with variety is to incorporate more playtime. Your cat may enjoy playing with a flutter cat teaser, and this is a fantastic way to ensure your cat engages in a little activity.

  7. Set playdates for your pet: Interacting and playing with other animals is fundamental to your pet’s mental health and can help improve their social skills.

  8. Schedule a Checkup with your vet: As a thoughtful pet parent, you must endeavor to take your pet to see the vet at least once a year for a checkup. These checkups can help detect illness early.

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  9. Update your pet’s info: Ensure to update your pet’s ID tag and microchip information whenever you move. This would make it easy to locate your pet if you go missing.

  10. Discard old toys: As soon as your pet’s toys become tatty and old, clear them out, do not hold onto them.

  11. Improve on grooming: Grooming your pet regularly helps to remove excess fur and reduces the quantity of fur found on clothes and home surfaces. It also helps the flow of oil from the skin to the fur, which keeps the fur smooth and glistening.

  12. Create a safe environment for your pet: Since pets spend most of their time at home or in the garden, you as a pet parent should endeavor to build them safe, entertaining places to rest and play.

  13. Find more natural ways to improve your pet’s health: A more all-encompassing, comprehensive, and natural approach to caring for pets is more beneficial today. To know more about this approach, schedule a chat with us at Safari Veterinary Care Center.

  14. Brush Your Pet’s Teeth Regularly: Just as in humans, dental health is important in pets as a dental disease in pets can lead to infection and abscesses in the mouth, as well as affect the heart, liver, and kidneys. Regular brushing helps eliminate the dental disease in your pet.

  15. Begin a Pet Savings Fund: When making New Year’s resolutions to save money, make sure this resolution includes your pet, as your pet’s medical needs and expenses can be expensive.

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