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Stemcellsafari: How Can I Treat My Dogs Autoimmune Disease Naturally In League City?

Stemcellsafari: How Can I Treat My Dogs Autoimmune Disease Naturally In League City?

There are several types of autoimmune diseases. In some cases, they can be life threatening, depending on the organ or system of the body affected. The one that affects the skin is called pemphigus, the one that affects the blood is either called hemolytic anemia or immune-mediated thrombocytopenia, the one that affects the joints is called arthritis, the one that affects the digestive system is called IBD, while the one that affects many systems of the body at once is called lupus. The immune system attack on the tissues and organs of the body can result in tissue breakdown, pain, inflammation, and vulnerability to pathogens.

Many of the common treatments for autoimmune diseases can adversely affect the liver and kidneys. This is very valid as excess medication can easily overwhelm the liver and as a result, the liver may find it hard to repair damage as fast as it occurs.

This is why stem cell therapy has gained a lot of acceptance in recent times. It is safe, effective, and efficient and Stemcellsafari is definitely a place that I would recommend.


No one knows what exactly triggers autoimmune diseases in dogs. Some have postulated that it may be triggered by such things as vaccines, environmental pollutants, excessive use of corticosteroids and/or antibiotics, preservatives in food, chemicals, viral infections, stress, allergies, and genetics.

Treating My Dogs’ Autoimmune Disease Naturally

There are several factors that can have an adverse effect on your dog’s immune system or reduce their immune tolerance and they will be discussed below:

  1. Chemical Insecticides

    Chemical insecticides in your home, lawn, and garden should be avoided for your dog’s sake as they are much closer to the ground than we are and breath in and even ingest whatever chemical residues that remain on the floor and furniture. Consider natural alternatives to the chemical products you are currently using.

  2. Overuse of medications

    Antibiotics and steroids are essential tools for any vet doctor, but there is a tendency for these medications to be overused. Repeated rounds of antibiotics or steroids to treat itchy skin and allergies can stress the immune system subsequently leaving the animal susceptible to greater health problems than it started with.

  3. Lack of exercise

    Mild to moderate exercise has been shown to improve immune factors in dogs. It has also been established that overweight animals are much more susceptible to chronic and acute diseases and infections. Dog owners should ensure that their dogs are eating properly and exercising appropriately to diet and exercise appropriately to help with weight control.

  4. Bad Water

    The impurity or toxicity of water varies with location. The fluoride and chlorine added to water could further stress your dog’s immune system.

  5. Household cleaners, air fresheners, and detergents

    Household cleaners are another source of toxins that dogs may have to deal with.

    Dogs will likely lick or inhale many cleaners, air fresheners, and laundry detergents that may contain bleach, ammonia, and other chemicals in the course of their day.

    So, not only is it important for your house to be properly cleaned, but you must also consider the effect of the cleaning agent or air freshener on your dog before you go ahead to purchase it.

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