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Stem Cell Treatment- How to Treat Skin Disease in Dogs

Stem Cell Treatment- How To Treat Skin Disease In Dogs

It is an undeniable fact that pets itch from time to time. But when you start noticing that your dog’s itching has crossed beyond the ordinary, then something must be wrong, and you need to start considering a stem cell treatment.

Stem Cell Treatment for Dogs

One of the most prevalent skin allergies that plague pets are Atopic allergic dermatitis. It manifests itself when the dog starts itching or biting, thereby causing self-trauma. This can result in severe alopecia or hair loss as well as a secondary bacterial skin infection.

Thanks to stem cell treatment for dogs which has shown excellent therapeutic promise, this skin condition can be brought under control. Animal stem cell therapy is a rapidly developing field of endeavor in the veterinary industry nowadays.

Why You Should Quickly Spot and Treat Dog Skin Disease

Atopic allergic itch dermatitis – along with other dog skin diseases – can cause your pet to break the skin surface if they scratch long enough. The skin plays a highly crucial role: prevent the entry of yeast and bacteria into the pet’s body.

But when the skin breaks – as a result of excessive scratching or biting – both yeast and bacteria find their way into your pet’s body, thereby triggering infection.

Bacteria are known for their rapid growth and multiplication within a short period. Once inside your dog’s body, they make your pet increasingly uncomfortable, resulting in more intense itching and consequent scratching.

This ends up compounding the problem as more scratches lead to more skin damage which aggravates the infection. If left untreated, this terrible cycle could snowball into a health problem that may not be easy to treat.

You must note that it is far easier to take care or treat mild skin disease or irritation than it is to provide treatment for weeks-old infections.

Skin Reactions

Your pet may experience severe skin reactions as a result of allergies, bacterial infections, mange, etc. This is why you need to take your canine friend to a veterinary as soon as you notice excessive scratching or biting.

Can Animal Stem Cell Therapy Work for Skin Problems?

Before the discovery of stem cell treatment for dogs, most of the procedures that were meted for skin problems were temporary. Some of the drugs used even had severe side effects.

However, stem cell treatment in dogs is an excellent, highly effective, and safe alternative. The characteristics of stem cells make it possible for them to quickly halt the immune system from attacking healthy skin as they immune-regulate your pet’s body.

An injection of concentrated stem cells is all that is required to treat skin problems, as against the almost endless topical application of creams, shampoos as well as prescriptions which have side effects.

Maintenance of Stem Cell Therapy for Skin Allergy

You need to ensure that your dog is no longer exposed to food which triggers allergies as well as outdoor allergens such as weed, grass, trees, pollen, etc. Some indoor allergens – such as dust, mold, human dander, etc. – can also trigger allergic reactions.

Therefore, make sure your home is always neat. Get rid of molds as soon as you discover them.


A lot of research is still ongoing to find out more about the efficacy of animal stem cell therapy. It is a safer alternative for treating skin allergies for your dog.

It is also a costly procedure; therefore, make sure your pet is healthy and safe at all times. And only opt for stem cell treatment for dogs if you can afford it.

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