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Stem Cell Safari – Pet Rehabilitation Center Near Houston, TX

Stem Cell Safari – Pet Rehabilitation Center Near Houston, TX

In veterinary medicine, veterinary rehabilitation is sorely overlooked and poorly understood. Post-surgical rehabilitation is often recommended when a human experiences trauma or undergoes surgery. Sadly, when it comes to pets, it is often mistakenly believed or assumed that recovery from a post-surgical procedure is more innate and does not necessitate formal rehabilitative efforts. This line of thought could not be farther from the truth.

Pets cannot communicate, conceal their pain and illnesses from their owners, and require and benefit from rehabilitation therapy efforts more than any other animal. Pets need physical therapist assistance with rehabilitation just like humans do.

As earlier established, pets may require postoperative rehabilitation, performance training, maintenance rehabilitation therapy, or regular exercise due to diseases/ailments such as orthopedic ailments and neurologic conditions.

The primary goal of veterinary rehabilitation, which most pet rehabilitation facilities and centers hope to accomplish, is to restore the pets’ standard functionality while minimizing or eliminating the need for medication to ease pain and stress. Veterinary rehabilitation is essential, and Dr. Garner and other therapeutic experts at Safari Veterinary Care Center have committed a lot of time to provide League City’s best vet rehabilitation.

Are you in Houston, TX looking for “veterinary rehabilitation centers near me?” Look no further because Safari Veterinary Care Center, also known as stem cell safari (because of our stem cell therapy), is more than capable of helping you and your pet. We are Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners/Specialists who work with the best tools in a fear-free environment.

In Safarivet, a piece of equipment called FitPAWS® is used to improve pets’ fitness to enhance their quality of life. The materials used for the equipment are highly resistant to dog nails and improve their grip when exercising. Highlighted below are some of the therapeutic modalities used at Safarivet:

  • Cavaletti
    It is a fantastic physical and mental workout with many benefits. Though initially meant for training horses, it is used for pets in Safarivet. These exercises involve small jumps over fences that are elevated off the floor. The bars are of a specific length and spaced at particular intermissions. The height of the bar is adjusted according to the pet’s size and post-surgical needs. If a pet is new to the exercise, the poles can be set on the floor, and the height can slowly increase as the pet approaches.

    Cavaletti is excellent for mental stimulation, strengthening muscles, balance, stability, and flexibility, and correcting poor gait.

  • Pilates and obstacle courses
    These are designed to enhance core muscles and work on peculiar leg muscles. Balance exercises improve balance and confidence but strengthen joints by making small movements and flexing the muscles surrounding the joint. The merits of pilates are balance, coordination, flexibility, conditioning, hip extension, muscle strength, body awareness, lower core stability, and confidence.

    Aside from being physically challenging, it is mentally challenging because they have to think to decide where their bodies are at any point in time. Pilates reduces joint swelling, increases blood flow, prevents injuries, and heals surgical incisions.

  • Wobble Board
    The wobble board is an extraordinary tool for multi-directional balance. It improves proprioception, strengthens the joints, increases the range of motion, and enhances the core and general conditioning. The wobble board whirls a full 360°, and your pet will gain self-esteem as it learns to master unstable environments by keeping its core of gravity on the wobble board tool.

  • Cold Laser Therapy
    Clinical research has revealed that laser therapy reduces pain and inflammation, stimulates tissue healing and regeneration of nerve cells, and reduces recovery time. In addition to medication, laser therapy gives excellent results. It is non-invasive, requires no sedation, and is free from side effects. At Safarivet, we use a high-powered laser, so treatments take just a few minutes and can be performed on an outpatient basis. Laser therapy is fitting for pets of all ages and species.

  • Land/Dry Treadmill
    This equipment helps improve balance and coordination and extends the range of motion of the hind limbs. It is excellent for rehabilitation after surgery, to correct arthritis, or build proprioception.

    Aside from the modalities mentioned above, Safari’s rehabilitation specialists choose various equipment to match the pet’s needs with the best physiotherapy. Some of these physiotherapy regimes include:

    • Therapeutic Ultrasound
    • Therapeutic Laser
    • Electrostimulation
    • Cold Therapy which focuses on IVDD Patient
    • Acupuncture

    For a comprehensive list of our facilities’ rehabilitation tools, modalities, and regimes, visit the following pages: Therapeutic Modalities and Rehabilitation.

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