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Pet Conditions Treated With Stem Cells in Houston, Texas – Safari Veterinary Care Center

Pet Conditions Treated With Stem Cells In Houston, Texas – Safari Veterinary Care Center

Do you know that pets can also take advantage of stem cells for arthritis? For decades, scientists have considered stem cells as a potential treatment for a wide variety of diseases. Medical doctors already make use of stem cells for treating people with lymphoma, leukemia, as well as other blood disorders, and a few solid cancer tumors.

Research has shown that pets can also undergo stem cell therapy, especially when administered in the right instances. The most successful vet use of stem cells treats injuries to ligaments, tendons, joints, bones, and the spinal cord. It can also be used for treating osteoarthritis in dogs.

Early research has also revealed that stem cells can be used for successfully treating dry eye or Keratoconjunctivitis sicca in dogs, as well as a painful, severe oral disease in cats known as stomatitis. The future holds a lot of promise regarding the use of stem cell therapy for treating chronic diseases such as autoimmune diseases – e.g., lupus, etc.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells are blank slates or unspecialized cells that can transform into any cell. They have the potential of regenerating tissue via cell division in any part of the body that has been damaged by disease, thereby causing it to lose its primary function. They can also replace dead tissues in some parts of the body.

Pet stem cell therapy involves using stem cells obtained from umbilical cord blood, bone marrow, or fat of your pet or another animal of the same species.

Let’s say you want to treat your pet for arthritis. The veterinarian may opt for stem cells for arthritis treatment by injecting the stem cells into the diseased area, such as the knee joint, etc.

The stem cells will migrate to the damaged or inflamed tissue, critically suppress the inflammation, and relieve pain. Then it instigates the growth of brand-new cells. The new tissue is much more like the original tissue damaged by the injury and would generally grow in any untreated inflamed area.

Does Stem Cell Therapy for Pets Work?

Yes, studies have shown stem cell therapy can be used to treat arthritis in pets. Though there are some limitations and more studies are still underway to give the medical universe a much better insight into how effective or efficient stem cell therapy is in pets.

Should You Trust Safarivet for Your Pet Health Need Using Stem Cell Therapy?

At Safari Veterinary Care Center, we boast of well-trained staff in virtually all fields of animal medicine and state-of-the facilities. With this, you can trust us with your pet and you’d be happy with the result.


While stem cell therapy can be used to cure some ailments in pets, it’s certainly not a cure-all measure. So, at Safari Veterinary Care Center, we ensure won’t stop at just stem cell therapy to restore your pet’s health, but we ensure proper diagnosis and then find the best means to get your pet’s health back.

If you do like to know more about how we use stem cell therapy to treat pet conditions at Safarivet, go here for more information.

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