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New Year’s Resolution Ideas For Cats In League City, TX

New Year’s Resolution Ideas For Cats In League City, TX

Cats make us happy, and we may secretly wish they would let us sleep at night instead of yowling at us every morning. But we can’t help but shake our heads and mumble their names before obliging and feeding them. Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? Why not include your cute and furry companion? Here’s a list of healthy New Year’s resolutions for cats.

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Though your cat is unlikely to change, it’s amusing to speculate on what tongue-in-cheek New Year’s resolutions they might make. So, let’s share:

Increase your physical activity (aka, exercise more)

Your cat may be a legendary napper – they sleep a lot. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t require exercise. Obesity in cats is linked to several health conditions, including arthritis, diabetes, liver difficulties, and urinary tract disease. The good news is that exercising a cat does not need much time or effort. A handful of play sessions per day will keep your feline companion entertained.

Spend more time with them

Schedule some quality time with your cat to build your friendship! Cats are most active and energetic in the early morning or late evening; you may have seen them having a mad moment at these times, dashing around the house, so this is a fantastic time to play a game with them and burn off all of that energy!

After your cat has expended all of its energy, sitting in the evening to relax and unwind while lavishing attention on your pet is a terrific way to strengthen your bond.


Cats are usually grateful when we do small things for them, such as playing a quick game with a wand toy, dropping some kibble in their bowl, or scooping their litter box. When you do these small things for your cat, she will most likely repay you with head bumps, snuggles, and purrs.

You can make displaying your appreciation a resolution this year and follow in the footsteps of your cat. Pay attention to and recognize the tiny things your co-workers and loved ones do for you, and express your gratitude.


Is your cat okay with you brushing and touching them? If not, this is the resolution for you. Cats instinctively know how to groom themselves and keep themselves in good condition, but there will be instances when you need to assist them. In addition, brushing or caressing them allows you to examine your cat for any injuries, lumps, or bumps that need to be checked by a vet.

Be an Adventurer

Cats are excellent adventurers. They are inquisitive and enjoy discovering new things in their surroundings. If you’ve ever attempted to open a gift while your cat was nearby, you know how true this is.

Nothing can deter your cat’s curiosity about what’s going on in her territory. If that means climbing to the top of the fridge, she’s ready, willing, and able.

Ignore External Influences

Of course, cats aren’t concerned with the latest fashions or gossip. They remain true to themselves and their characteristics. They are unconcerned about what others think of them. We could all take a page from their book and respect our uniqueness while ignoring what others think we should do.

No more dead birds on the doorstep

Did you know cats kill billions of birds yearly, which is why most veterinarians advise keeping them indoors? However, you may have an outdoor-only or indoor-outdoor cat for various reasons. If this is the case, your cat may leave you with unpleasant surprises. It would help if you forgave your cat. They’re a natural hunter. Cats in the wild teach their kittens to eat by bringing prey home with them.

Limit your treats!

Treats are fantastic for training and rewarding your cat, but as they age, you’ll need to assist them in maintaining a healthy weight, which may include restricting the kitty treats you offer them. For example, instead of kitten treats, use some of their food (from their daily ration) as a reward when playing with them, and they respond positively or use food in a play puzzle to keep them occupied.

I’ll behave when I have my nails clipped.

You may consider a manicure a little luxury, but cats do not. Cats like to maintain their nails sharp because they originally protected them in the wild. They may also dislike being held. So even though your cat hisses and squirms, it’s critical to trim those claws. It would be wonderful if they didn’t make this minor must-do into a full-fledged production.

I will limit my hiding.

Cats may be very sneaky, very, very sneaky. Some can hide in places you didn’t realize existed in your home. While some cats are gregarious and come and go from hiding, others remain there. Though we must accept our cats for who they are, it is natural to hope they resolve to hang out with you regularly secretly.


Cats are oddball creatures, which is one of the reasons we adore them. They’re not here to boost our egos, and it’s not uncommon for them to skip a snuggling session to hide under the bed. But, of course, your cat may want to hang out before the sun rises.

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