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How Stem Cell Therapy Works In Pet and What Is The Benefits Of Stem Cell Therapy For Dogs & Cats

How Stem Cell Therapy Works In Pet And What Is The Benefits Of Stem Cell Therapy For Dogs & Cats

Stem cell treatment has been utilized in human medicine for some years now has continued to be popular. Its success in that field is phenomenal, and that is why stem cell therapy is also used for pet treatment. Safarivet pet hospital is one of the pet healthcare centers that provide stem cell therapy to ailing pets. And this has made the pet clinic one of the most popular today.

How Stem Cell Therapy Works in Pets

Stem cells are multi-functional or pluripotent – repair cells that contribute actively to the repair or regeneration of damaged tissues. They are usually harvested from the fat stores of your pet, activated outside your dog or cat, and then reintroduced into your pet’s body.

Stem cells are poly-functional – i.e., have several possible functions, and have many shapes, i.e., polymorphic. This means that stem cells’ functions vary and are based primarily on what a particular tissue needs.

This is why stem cells are used for repairing damaged muscles, cartilage, kidney tissues, heart, tear glands, pancreas, etc. Stem cells work according to the action of the damaged tissue. And they also direct the activities of other cells in order to support repair and regrowth.

At Safarivet pet hospital, we always separate the fat in order to concentrate the cells for injection. Then we stimulate the isolated cells into activity by adding platelet-rich plasma. At times, we use a laser to boost the cells’ activity further.

Then the stem cells are injected into the damaged area, and they start working to reduce inflammation. Then, the process of healing and re-growing of tissues begins immediately.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs and Cats

Stem cell therapy for pets has several benefits. The beauty of this type of treatment is that it can be performed in a single appointment!

Here are some of the critical benefits of stem cell treatment for pets:

  • It can be used for treating old, unhealed injuries as well as new ones
  • It significantly reduces your pet’s pain by controlling inflammation and boosting their mobility
  • Downtime or recovery immediately after stem cell therapy is incredibly short. This means you can take your pet home that same day the treatment was administered.
  • Stem cell therapy significantly minimizes the amount of medication your pet needs in order to control their pain or discomfort. This means you won’t waste money on ensuring your pet remains comfortable.

Pet Health Issues Stem Cell Therapy Helps to Treat

Stem cells have found potential use in the treatment of several pet diseases. Some of the conditions that can be treated with stem cells include:

  • Ligament and tendon injuries
  • Severe issues with your pet’s spinal cord
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Conditions like hip dysplasia and other joint injuries

Some conclusive research indicates that stem cells may be used for treating stomatitis in cats and dry eyes in dogs. Lots of researches are still ongoing in order to discover more effective uses of pet stem cell therapy.


At Safarivet pet hospital, your pet’s health is of paramount concern to us. If you suspect that your pet has hip dysplasia or other health issues that can be treated with stem cell therapy, do not hesitate to bring him in immediately.

You can google ‘dog stem cell therapy near me,’ and you will find Safarivet pet hospital as one of the top options.

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