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Do you know, How Stem Cell Therapy Works In Pet and change his life?

Do You Know, How Stem Cell Therapy Works In Pet And Change His Life?

For several years, stem cell treatment has been proposed as the best potential treatment for numerous diseases. Medical doctors use stem cell therapy as a treatment measure for combating leukemia, lymphoma, blood disorders, as well as a few cancer tumors.

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy in Texas continues to evolve and is employed by experts in veterinary medicine. And there is no sign this will slow down any time soon.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are pluripotent or multifunctional repair cells that naturally exist in mammals. Their primary function is to repair damaged tissue, ligament, etc., naturally. These blank cells can rapidly develop to become any cell, thereby contributing significantly to the regeneration of new tissues in the damaged area.

The functions of stem cells are based on what the damaged tissue needs. This is because they can be directed to repair bone, muscle, cartilage, kidney tissue, tear glands, pancreas, heart, retina, etc., if injected into damaged areas of any of these tissues.

You won’t be far off the mark if you say stem cells act just like a master carpenter that takes directions from damaged tissues. They can direct their own actions and other cells’ actions around the area to support regrowth or development and repair.

How Stem Cell Therapy Works in Pets

Stem cell therapy for dogs is a regenerative technique that involves the harvesting of stem cells from the pet itself or another animal of the same species. The stem cells will then be injected directly into the damaged area.

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy in Texas can be used for treating ailments such as:

  • IVDD
  • Arthritis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Tendonitis, and so many more

How Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs is Performed

Let’s say your canine companion has arthritis or was involved in an accident that affected one of the hind legs. And after in-depth examination, it was determined that your pet might have to undergo stem cell treatment.

Stem cell therapy for dogs primarily involves the use of stem cells harvested from fat, bone marrow, or umbilical cord of Fido or another animal of the same species. Since we usually harvest stem cells from a dog’s fat stores, they have to be separated from the fat.

To enhance the activity of these stem cells, platelet-rich plasma is added, or laser in some cases.

The veterinarian carrying out the procedure proceeds to inject the stem cells into the inflamed or affected area.

The stem cells travel swiftly to the damaged region or tissue to suppress inflammation and relieve the pain. After that, they instigate the rapid growth or development of new tissue in the area. The new tissue eventually becomes similar in appearance and function to the initial one that got damaged or inflamed.


Stem cell therapy is a highly minimal invasive procedure, meaning that your canine friend can recover promptly from treatment. However, your pet may also suggest that you leave your dog overnight at the clinic for close monitoring.

Complete recovery usually varies on a case-by-case basis, so don’t worry if it takes several months for your four-legged companion to be back to full health.

Stem cell therapy for dogs is still changing the veterinary field with solid proof of success. It may become the leading form of treatment for a wider variety of pet diseases in the future.

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