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8 Products To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution For Your Cat In Houston, TX

8 Products To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution For Your Cat In Houston, TX

New Year’s resolutions should not be only for humans; your cat may have some goals for 2022.

Perhaps your pet has decided to spend more time outside, lose a few pounds (with the help of his veterinarian, of course) or break a bad habit. Here, we have made a list of our favorite simple-to-use products that have received rave reviews from dog owners to help your cat stay on track with his New Year’s resolutions.

  1. The Rabitgoo Harness and Leash.

    With this inexpensive vest-and-leash set, your indoor cat can get some outdoor exercise while also traveling more safely. The plush vest appeals to cats, and the rear attachment for the 59-inch leash relieves neck discomfort.

  2. Hertzko Long and Short Teeth Comb.

    To groom your cat, our professionals at Safari Veterinary Care Center and Safari Animal hospital recommend starting with a soft rubber brush and then gently and patiently working the fur out with this two-tier comb once the old fur has been loosened. The longer teeth rake your cat’s undercoat, while the shorter teeth rake the topcoat.

  3. Pioneer Pet Raindrop Drinking Fountain.

    This product can help encourage better drinking habits in your cat as it provides two types of drinking surfaces—basin and stream—to entice your finicky cat. The bowl is easy to clean, and the charcoal filters are simple to replace, ensuring that your cat accesses clean water at all times.

  4. H&H Pets Cat Nail Clipper.

    If your kitty has previously refused at-home nail cutting, you may have been using the incorrect clippers.

    Our certified groomers at Safarivet highly recommend this product because it is made specifically for cat claws.

  5. One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel.

    Is your kitty young, adventurous, and responds well to rewards or toys? Then this product is absolutely for him. Help your kitty put his daring skills to the test with this product.

  6. Purina Pro Plan Weight Management Wet Food.

    If one of your kitty’s resolutions is to lose some pounds, then this product is your surest bet. Purina weight management food is high in protein and low in fat.

  7. Catio Tent.

    If your kitty is begging for some outdoor time this year, a fairly priced portable catio can be a good compromise for getting your kitty cat some fresh air.

  8. Vetoquinol Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste Kit.

    This handy kit comes with a popular non-foaming toothpaste as well as two tools for cleaning your cat’s teeth, which are a finger brush and a dual-ended toothbrush. When swallowed, the toothpaste is completely safe; cats do not need to rinse.

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