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7 Most Common Christmas Day Pet Emergencies In Houston, TX

7 Most Common Christmas Day Pet Emergencies In Houston, TX

This time of year is associated with several items, such as holly, carols, and candy canes. But do some pet health issues arise more frequently over the holidays than others?

Curious, I contacted my colleagues at Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) to look into claims that started on Christmas Day. Do the holiday cautions sent to pet parents adequately address the risks connected with the season?

The findings did not surprise us at Safari Animal Hospital, though. According to our policyholders, veterinary visits on Christmas Day are driven by a sense of urgency, if not an outright emergency.

Surprised? I’m sure if you think about it, you won’t be. After all, you’re not going to take your pet to the vet on a big holiday unless there’s an emergency.

Even if you have nothing better to do on Christmas Day, you won’t be able to arrange a regular veterinary visit because your veterinarian’s office will most likely be closed. But not our Houston veterinary hospital – The Safari Animal Hospital.

Having a pet is a big commitment. Unfortunately, most people misinterpret the most common pet crises and do not seek assistance until it is too late. Understanding and preserving a list of the most common situations that demand a veterinarian’s attention will help keep your pet healthy for a long time.


    This is the number one emergency because many individuals believe that an animal’s first aid can be performed at home.

    A veterinarian should consult if the bleeding is severe or lasts longer than five minutes. The further could conceal a more significant disease, or the animal may require stitches to heal without infection.

    The wound could be more profound than it appears, or there could be internal bleeding that necessitates surgery.


    When an animal can’t breathe, it’s never a brilliant idea to “wait and see.” Never attempt to clear the airway; learn animal CPR to keep the animal safe.

    Even if CPR allows the animal to breathe again, take the vet to an emergency room to ensure the animal’s safety. A veterinarian is a best-trained individual to ensure the animal does not have internal injury causing respiratory problems.


    It is critical to determine why there is blood in sputum, vomit, feces, nose, ears, eyes, or mouth. Perhaps the animal was harmed while out of your sight and needs emergency treatment to survive. Blood should never be taken lightly. If blood is observed flowing from an animal, seek quick medical attention. There could be hidden inside injuries.


    If the animal experiences pain while urinating or defecating or cannot do either, it is critical to determine the cause. The animal may have a medical problem that requires the assistance of a veterinarian. Because animals frequently do not communicate pain, a chronic condition can quickly escalate to a life-threatening situation without your notice.


    The eyes of animals are not the same as those of humans. If the watch is harmed, there may be internal damage to areas near the brain. Inquiring with a veterinarian will prevent future harm to your pet.


    Many items that are safe for humans are poisonous to animals. Antifreeze, multivitamins, chocolate, pesticide, and other substances are highly hazardous.

    They are also items that an animal will gladly consume. Learn what objects are dangerous to your pet and call a vet emergency service immediately if you fear your animal has destroyed a toxic material.


    If an animal seizes, emergency veterinary care is essential. Staggering is also included in this category. These behaviors suggest a problem with the brain, and the animal requires quick assistance. A veterinarian can analyze the issue and may order more tests to determine the best way to help the animal.


While some veterinary visits can be prevented through some measures and proactive wellness care, the picture isn’t as straightforward as with claims made on Christmas Day.

And, while I’m glad pet health insurance is available to help when you need it, even on Christmas Day, I know I’m not alone in praying that none of you end up at the emergency clinic on that day — or any other.

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