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12 Tips for Safe Car Travel With Your Pet In Houston, TX

12 Tips For Safe Car Travel With Your Pet In Houston, TX

As pet owners, we concur that going on vacation without our four-legged family members is no fun. We care for them like family, so leaving them behind is not an option. While keeping our pets close gives us peace of mind, traveling with pets can pose some challenges. These pointers will help you keep your pets safe whether you travel domestically or abroad.

  • Pack a travel kit for your pet.

    Always ensure your pet’s essentials are packed when embarking on a road trip. These essentials should include your pet’s food, a bowl, a leash, waste scoops, plastic bags, grooming kits, first-aid supplies, travel documents (where necessary), and anything else necessary for a trip. Bring a favorite toy or cushion to make your pet more comfortable.

  • Make shorter trips before the longer ones to acclimate your pet.

    Prepare your pet for a lengthy drive by starting with a series of short drives and gradually increasing the time spent in the vehicle. Additionally, always secure the crate to prevent sliding or shifting in the event of a sudden stop.

  • Keep your pets contained and safe.

    Make sure your dog is always securely fastened in the car while traveling. A pet seat cover is advised when going on a trip with your pet. It successfully holds your pet in place without putting any restrictions on them.

  • Make a feeding plan.

    Begin your pet’s travel feeding regimen with a small meal three to four hours before the trip. It helps curb travel sickness and nausea. Do not feed your pet while on the trip.

  • Adequate means of identification.

    In addition to having a microchip, ensure your pet has an ID tag on their collar that includes your home address and mobile phone number.

  • Ensure your pet is vaccinated.

    As a thoughtful pet parent, you do not want your pet contracting nor spreading disease now, do you? Not! Ensure your pet is vaccinated before the trip and travel with the vaccination records.

  • Secure and Safe Crate.

    Ensure your pet is safe and secure in a crate if you want to travel by car. Make sure your pet has enough space inside the crate to stand, sit, lay down, and turn around.

  • Endeavor not to leave your pet in the car alone.

    Leaving your pet alone in the car is an absolute no-no. Leaving your pet in the vehicle alone during a trip could be fatal because it takes only a split second for an emergency to occur.

  • Make pit stops.

    While on the trip, let your pet out to potty and get some exercise every few hours.

  • Do not let your pet stick his head out of the car.

    Some pet parents mistakenly believe that letting their dog stick its head out of the car is not a big deal. It can be extremely risky and harmful; you should only open the window slightly so the vehicle can get some fresh air.

  • Adequate hydration.

    Bring a small water bowl or dish with you and ensure your pet has enough water for the journey. Don’t deprive your pets of water because dehydration can lead to serious health problems in pets. Drinking water from a place they are unfamiliar with could give them stomach pain, so ensure you pack enough water for your trip.

  • Learn about the laws governing pet travel.

    Some states have enacted their laws regarding pet travel. It is essential to know these laws, especially if you plan to cross into another state. Understanding the various laws will help you keep from causing unnecessary trouble with the authorities.

If you need further tips on car travel with your pet, don’t hesitate to contact us at safari veterinary care center (also known as stem cell safari), an animal hospital that boasts the best veterinarians in Houston, TX.

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