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10 Wonky Doggo Behaviors & The Reasons Behind Them At Houston, Texas

10 Wonky Doggo Behaviors & The Reasons Behind Them At Houston, Texas

At stem cell safari, we understand that dogs have learned to coexist with people and like pleasing us. However, we must still train them to avoid some of their more damaging tendencies.

Here’s a guide on some of the most typical dog behaviors, as well as dog rapid behavior changes, what they mean, and how to deal with them.

Aside from their unwavering commitment and dedication to us, some of the things they do are simply bizarre. From spinning and sniffing to racing and digging, much of their dog behavior confounds owners and even vets like us.

  1. Your pet is chasing its tail

    Tail chasing is natural because your dog’s tail is a built-in toy that allows them to burn off surplus energy. Some dogs, however, take tail chasing to an extreme, and the tendency can develop into an obsessive disorder. This problem is most common in bull terriers, but any dog can be a tail chaser. Other causes of this behavior include analgia and a flea allergy.

  2. Sniffing Butts

    Is this the end when you see someone in the dog park, which makes your heart skip a beat? Is this your first date? Then something happens. When your dog sniffs their butt, the moment is spoiled, and you decide to go far away. The only option is witness protection. Nonsense! This is entirely normal doggy behavior!

  3. Your canine licks you

    While you may not always want your dog to drool on you, it is his method of displaying appreciation. Furthermore, your dog has undoubtedly discovered that licking you attracts your attention.

    Of course, dogs lick you for a variety of reasons. According to some scientists, licking is a sensory technique for dogs, analogous to reaching out and touching something.

    Another possibility is that canine mothers kiss their puppies for grooming and social purposes. As a result, this natural behavior persists until maturity.

  4. Your dog slams against you, other dogs, or items

    Mounting behavior can occur whether your dog is male or female, intact or sterilized. While humping can be sexual for an unaltered dog, most spayed or neutered pets will hump in specific settings. Overexcitement is the most typical cause of a dog’s rising behavior. They don’t know how to control all of the excitement that comes with meeting a new dog or person, playing a rollicking game, or racing around the dog park.

  5. Butt scoot

    Nothing makes us giggle more than the dog scooting across your pristine floor or fresh new carpet, so whether you name it the “butt scoot” or simply the “boot scoot,” this will have milk flowing out of your kids’ noses. But, unfortunately, it might have a more sinister connotation, such as allergies, a dirty buttock, or anal glands that need to be expressed.

  6. They are spinning before they do their business

    If you haven’t experienced this as a dog owner, be thankful because Murphy’s Law requires that they do it when you’re in a hurry. So they circle…and circle…and spin some more until deciding to move five inches to the right and begin the circling procedure all over again.

  7. Zoomies!

    Is there anything more amusing than seeing your dog perform zoomies? We don’t think so. Even dogs with a few extra pounds enjoy these. While they frequently occur after an unpleasant event, such as being created for an extended period or their owners daring to bathe them, there is no cause to be concerned about zoomies. They’re simply beneficial to everyone.

  8. They’re Staring Out the Window

    You’re having a bad day, driving home from work, ruminating about the events that are bothering you, then, all of a sudden, you pass a dog with its head out the window – instantly putting a grin on your face, right? Experts mainly agree that dogs do this because it’s exciting and feels good, but they also think there’s a tremendous olfactory benefit for them, as dogs use their noses to figure out where they are.

  9. Your dog likes to sniff other dogs’ buttocks

    Butt sniffing is a socially acceptable greeting in the dog world. A dog’s hind end exhibits a profusion of revealing odors and can provide the sniffer with a comprehensive guide about a dog’s health status, emotions, and sex. As a result, dogs will “welcome” people this way, so don’t be frightened if a dog gets overly affectionate upon introduction.

    Your dog transports food from one site to another. Before eating, many dogs will transport morsels of food, and sometimes their entire dish, from one location to another. Moving their food avoids theft in the dog’s thinking.

  10. Tilted Head

    Whistling, speaking in a high-pitched voice, or even making funny noises can result in one of the cutest and most endearing canine behaviors: It’s unclear why dogs cock their heads to the side, but behaviorists believe they’re trying to make sense of what they’re hearing.

    Another reason your dog might bend her head is to pinpoint the source of a sound better.


They could signal an underlying medical issue if you are concerned about your dog’s unusual behaviors.

Contact our safari veterinary care center for an appointment to get to the root of your furry companion’s odd antics. We are your number one affordable pet clinic in Houston, Texas.

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