default featured image Safari employs certified canine rehabilitation specialists that are armed with comprehensive rehabilitation tools and modalities for healing therapy, enhancing your pet’s quality of life and for bringing the stem cell treatment the full circle of success. If your pet requires postoperative rehabilitation, performance training, maintenance rehabilitation therapy or regular exercise in general, Safari has the tools to help you and your pet reach your goals and desires!

Dr. Garner believes in providing his clients with the best of the best and that's why Safari uses FitPAWS® exercise equipment. “FitPAWS® is dedicated to improving canine fitness so that dogs can lead a more healthy lifestyle. The leader in professional conditioning equipment, FitPAWS' products are used by trainers and rehabilitation professional to condition and rehabilitate dogs. The equipment is made specifically for dogs with grade heavy PVC material to be durable against dog nails and increase gripping traction when exercising. FitPAWS distributes exercise gear, accessories and equipment which makes it easy for pet owners to continue the prescribed canine therapeutic exercises at home to increase the chance for a full recovery. An active body + an active mind = a happy dog!” -FitPAWS®FitFAWS®

Additionally, FitPAWS® is an official sponsor of the University of Tennessee’s Certificate Program in Canine Rehabilitation (the first and only university-based animal rehabilitation certification program since 1999). FitPAWS® Canine Conditioning Equipment is used in UT’s teaching labs and by UT’s faculty. Dr. Garner and his wife Dr. Susan Mooney/Garner have both attended and successfully completed UT's Canine Rehabilitation Certificate Program.