Inflammatory Disorders Treated w/Stem Cells @ Safari Inflammation plays an essential role in the body’s immune response and is the body’s natural attempt to heal itself after an injury. Chemicals are released into the blood or affected tissues from white blood cells to protect the body against foreign invaders, increase blood flow to the area in need and repair damaged tissue. This is considered “good” inflammation, referred to as acute inflammation. The other type of inflammation is seen as not so good (bad), problematic and plays a role in some chronic diseases; referred to as chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is long-term and persistent and happens when the body sends white blood cells to a perceived threat that does not require an inflammatory response. Therefore, the white blood cells call to action have nothing to act on and end up attacking organs or other necessary cells and tissues. By definition, inflammation is the body’s natural response to a problem. So, although chronic inflammation is perceived as “bad”, it certainly makes us aware of bodily issues that might otherwise go undetected. Stem cells helps the body heal itself by restarting the healing process, rejuvenating damaged tissue and reducing inflammation.

Safari provides Stem Cell Therapy treatments for the following inflammatory disorders: